Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internet Money Making Business

Internet money making business can be easy or difficult, depending how fast you want to make money from the internet without failing. After reading this article, you will discover couples of things that will help you make money online. You’ll learn ninety percent of online business owners fail or gives up before the first year. You’ll also learn how not to fall into the same category.

To make money online, you need to target a specific market or a niche. Target and focus is the key. There is no fast or easy way to make money online. A lot of research and testing needs to be done ahead of time, meaning long hours for the first couple of years. The first year is the most difficult one, because you’re trying to find your way in the whole scheme of things. After you discover who you will be marketing to, your specific niche, it gets easier.

The majority people who starts a business online fails, why you ask? Most people don’t do their research before hand. They think just by having a presence on the internet, the money will start flowing in. If you want to stay in business, you need to ask your self, what I am good at. Once you figure that out, you then do your keyword research….meaning, you’ll have to find specific keywords that are not competitive, register a domain that has the same words as your keywords. Find your specific market you’re trying to target. Start marketing, stick with it until you master it and then move on to your next niche.

The key to have your Internet money making business become successful is you have to provide some sort of value to your customers. Provide value and you’ll have a customer for life. Here’s what I mean by providing value. Most people on the internet or anywhere in the world who wants to do business (buying or selling) are looking for trust and to build relationships. They just want to feel safe whenever they pull their credit card out to purchase or register for something. Your job is to make them feel secure and contend, simple as that. Once you give them that secure feeling, they will come back to you to purchase whatever else you’re selling if they need it.

Nevil. S
Online Entrepreneur

Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to Videos marketing tip for your online home business| Step by step instructions

I would like to share with you some of the strategies that I’ve used to get good placement on the search engines for my videos marketing campaign.

Step1) Keyword research---this is the most important step, so please pay attention.
I use adword keyword tool to determine which keywords I’ll be using for my videos.
I usually go after two keyword phrases for each video.

Each keyword phrases has to be fewer than 5,000 hits when you search for it in quotes on Google. You should have a decent volume of hits per month when search on the Google adword tool also. 1,000 or more volume of hits/month is good.

For example let say my niche was in the home business I would search for “manufacturing home business” and “inventory home business” as my keywords to place on my video marketing campaign. Each of these keywords was under 5,000 when searched in quotes on Google and they were getting well over a 1,000 hits per month when searched on the Google ad word tool.

Step2) Creating Your Video---Make sure what you say on your video is related to what your keywords are, or else you won’t get any conversions. Also you can name your video with one of your keyword term that you’ve picked (not necessary, but seems to help)

Next go to (video site to upload videos to multiple sites, like metacafe, yahoo videos, dailymotion, and a bunch of others). You’ll have to create accounts for each one of these sites. What I did and it worked for me, I created accounts for three of the most popular sites:, and For some reason, Google seems to like these better.

Step 3) Uploading Your Video---When uploading your video do the following.

a) Title- Make sure your title has both keyword phrases in it, but it also have to make sense to your potential prospect. So for example the keywords that we’ve chosen were manufacturing home business and inventory home business. So the title would be something like this: How to find manufacturing home business and inventory home business.

b) Description- Should have your site link first
i.e.: http//:www.xyx.whatever and then your keywords: manufacturing home business inventory home business

c) Tags-Should have just the keywords
manufacturing home business inventory home business. Some of the video sites only allow five or less words for your tags; in this case choose your important words.

Not sure how long this strategy will last, but the sooner you apply it, the faster you’ll see results.

There you have it. Within 15 minutes you’ll be on the front page of Google for the keywords that you’ve chosen as part of your videos marketing strategy.
If you’re not seeing it within 30-60 minutes use one of the ping tool to tell the search engines that you’ve uploaded new content. I use or

Nevil. S
Online Entrepreneur